Restaurant Management Solution

A state-of-the-art system that grows with your expectation. The system fulfills the sophisticated requirements of the hospitality business in a very easy-handling way, you just need to dream. The solution is so simple that it does not require previous computer experience from users.It enables clear measures with immediate availability of all types of information from different views, operation, marketing, management, and top management.
The system does utilize technology by using a powerful database that enables data consolidation and replication between branches with full control on the system and users to perform all security polices.

It supports dine-in take-away, delivery at branch level and central delivery (call centers) with automatic recognition of customer’s branch to filter and synchronize with the branch data for order processing. Also the system supports automatic menu scheduling, price scheduling, different pricing strategies, promotions, table reservation, handheld order taking, and kitchen screen. The system provides a complete set of comparative sales analysis, sales mix and audit trail.
Coming out now web reports and web services through the system, customized reports can be executed automatically and emailed from the system on schedule time plan to pre-defined email lists. The solution is fully integrated with food cost control system and a full financial back office solution.

Key Features

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