Financial Management Solution

Best-in-class financial solution which is ideal for SMEs. (small & medium enterprises). A fully integrated flexible user defined financial solution that was developed according to the international financial standards & complying with all local governance requirements. The solution is a quite simple and user friendly, it enables clear measures with immediate availability of all types of information from different views; whether its operation, marketing, management, or top management.

The solution does utilize the technology by using a powerful database engines that enable full control on the system and users to perform all security policies. The solution includes general ledger, budget, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, inventory & purchase, sales, asset management & asset tracking, payroll and attendance. The solution provides all operational & financial standard reports in addition to the availability of user defined reporting tools built-in the system. Coming out now web reports and web services through the system, also customized reports can be executed automatically and e-mailed from the system on scheduled time plan for predefined e-mail lists.

Key Features

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